Our Mission

We strive to open the electoral system into one that is fair, transparent, and inclusive for all Americans. We believe every candidate deserves a platform to share their vision, and every voter deserves access to unbiased information.

Through education, advocacy, and reform, we strive to create a level playing field that empowers voters and fosters a more engaged democracy.

Your support is crucial in helping us achieve this mission. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to a fairer, more representative electoral process.

why your support matters

Your contributions are pivotal for:

  • Empowering Voters: With your support, we can educate and provide voters with the tools they need to make informed decisions.
  • Elevating Voices: We ensure that all candidates have the opportunity to be heard, breaking the barriers of the two-party system.
  • Driving Reform: Your investment funds our initiatives to advocate for a more transparent electoral process.
  • Cultivating Engagement: We inspire and encourage participation, especially among the youth, to get involved in politics and champion change.


In the shadow of our nation’s political stage, a narrow group of influencers with corporate-backed funding that allows them to reach hundreds of millions of households has subtly shaped the narrative to present the illusion of a binary choice for president, masking the diverse perspectives and options available to voters.

This artificial limitation not only stifles the diversity of political discourse but also causes disenchantment among voters who falsely believe that there is no one who represents them to vote for, while constraining their understanding of the full spectrum of leadership possibilities in the over 1,000 citizens who run for president every four years.

Our mission confronts this challenge head-on by creating a platform where every voice has the opportunity to reach voters, and every voter can truly grasp the breadth of their electoral choices. We build a blockchain application to poll the public on what voices they want at our debates. We hire the production team of CNN, The Emmys, The Olympics... and work with over a dozen broadcasters to get the debate out to as much of the public as possible. We create coalitions of like-minded businesses, political parties, and thought groups who want to share the efforts we are doing and fight the corporate interest politics that does not serve our country.

Your support is crucial in proving candidates a prime-time quality event and giving the nation the ability to tune in.

Open Elections to All Candidates: Support Free & Equal's Mission

At Free & Equal, every American deserves access to the information they need to make informed voting decisions. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization, we've been advocating for a fair and transparent election process since 2008. Your support can help us continue our mission to enhance the election process and ensure that every candidates voice is heard. Together, we can create a more inclusive and representative democracy.

Our Activities

All-Inclusive Debates:

Organizing groundbreaking debates that give voice to candidates from diverse backgrounds and ideologies, ensuring voters have access to a wide range of perspectives.

Blockchain Election Assistant App:

Developing cutting-edge technology that leverages blockchain to increase transparency, security, and accessibility in the voting process.

United We Stand Festival:

Uniting communities through a powerful fusion of music, art, and thought leadership, inspiring younger generations to engage in political and cultural change.

Electoral Reform Symposiums:

Driving meaningful electoral reform by bringing together top intellectuals and experts to discuss and propose critical changes to the U.S. electoral system.

Our Promise to You

We commit to transparency and accountability. Every investment is used to further our mission of electoral equality. You can track the impact of your contribution through our detailed reports and updates on our projects.

Join Free & Equal in our pursuit to create an electoral environment that is truly by the people, for the people.

More Voices, More Choices