Free and Equal Elections Foundation hosted its annual Electoral Reform Symposium on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at The Lot at RiNo in Denver, Colorado.
The Symposium brought together intellectuals and experts to share ideas on how to reform the electoral system in the United States, with a goal of connecting and having open conversations that yield real solutions.
Primary symposium topics for 2019 included alternative voting methods, multi-winner proportional representation, The Fair Representation Act, risk-limiting audits, gerrymandering, opening the debates, online petitions and the future of blockchain voting.
The symposium was moderated by Free and Equal Founder Christina Tobin. Guest Speakers included Executive Director of Vote at Home Amber McReynolds, Professor of Mathematics at The University of Colorado Jeanne Nielsen Clelland, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Colorado College Dr. Beth Malmskog, Voting Methods Team Co-Leader for Boulder County League of Women Voters Celeste Landry, United America Deputy Director Tyler Fisher, Election Integrity Advocate Neal McBurnett, Election Quality Activist Harvey Branscomb, and Represent Women Director Cynthia Terrell.
The Alternative Voting Methods Forum included Fair Vote Founder Rob Richie, Equal Vote Coalition Volunteer Clay Shentrup, Equal Vote Coalition Representative Matt Otis, and Center For Election Science Founder Aaron Hamlin.
To close the day, Nexus Founder Colin Cantrell spoke about The Blockchain Voting Election Assistant App being developed by Free & Equal in partnership with Nexus.
The event was sponsored by Fair Elections for Colorado.