37-Year-Old Simon Harris Becomes Ireland’s Youngest Prime Minister

By Arielle Shack

Ireland’s youngest Taoiseach (prime minister) took office on Tuesday, running unopposed in Ireland’s special parliamentary election, which was held due to his predecessor, Leo Varadkar, resigning in March.

Having served as a minister in the Irish government since 2016, the Prime Minister addressed the values he will uphold as Taoiseach: “integrity, honesty, and a work rate that cannot be surpassed.”

Harris acknowledged that he would be leading a partnership government. He stated he was elected by his party, Fine Gael, and the coalition partners they formed, uniting Fianna Fáil, the Green Party, and Independents.

Family values run deep with the Taoiseach. He thanked his parents, siblings, wife, and children for the support they provided, enabling him to attain office.

The millennial stated he comes “full of energy and determination about what can be achieved.” He hopes to bring “new ideas, a new energy, and,” he hopes, “a new empathy to public life.”

All eyes are on the college dropout with an active TikTok account, as he paves a path towards the rejuvenation of global leadership.

Ireland is set to hold its next general election for Taoiseach in March 2025.