Voting Cut-Off is February 1, 11:59 pm EST

Free & Equal Election Foundation Debate Series Continues February 29 in NYC for Presidential Debate

New York, New York, January 26, 2024 –  Free & Equal Elections Foundation announces that over 34,000 people have voted thus far in its Blockchain Election Assistance application, with over 90,000 cumulative votes.  The beta app features a voting mechanism for the public to pick the top 6 candidates for the Free & Equal Elections 2024 Presidential debate set to take place on February 29th.

Voters nationwide have until 11:59 pm EST, February 1, to determine which presidential candidates across the political spectrum will be invited to the Free & Equal Foundation’s Presidential Debate in New York City.

Voting began on January 18 after the application launched a Beta at the January 18 kickoff Presidential debate for the series. As of Thursday, January 25, the top four vote-getters include Chase Oliver, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, Lars Mapstead, and Jill Stein.

On February 2, the top six candidates who receive the most votes will be announced and invitations will be sent.  They then have one week to confirm their participation in the debate scheduled for February 29 at Chelsea Television Studios.

The cutting-edge voting app is set to revolutionize American politics. Free and Equal Elections Foundation rolled out the blockchain voting app ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 election and its independent Presidential debate series, ensuring every vote is counted and trusted.

“With the power of blockchain, we ensure America can vote with faith,” said Christina Tobin, Founder of Free & Equal Elections Foundation. “Make sure your vote is cast and ensure the candidates of your choice make it to our independent debate stage,” said Tobin.

The upcoming Presidential debate is expected to draw significant attention from voters, media, and political analysts alike, offering a fresh perspective on candidates and policies across the political spectrum. The event promises to be a cornerstone in the lead-up to the elections, providing an invaluable opportunity for candidates to connect with voters and for voters to make informed decisions.

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