On Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016 Free and Equal hosted its Annual Electoral Reform Symposium in Glendale, CO in partnership with co-host Fair Elections for Colorado. As a polarized country grappled with an election that offered the two most unpopular candidates in history to date, many of the nation’s leading electoral reform experts came together to address various reform topics & issues including election fraud, voting machines, ballot access, the two-party system, the value of electoral college and more. The goal of the conference was to discuss answers to what many observers believed to be a broken system.
Special guest speakers included former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, Nate Kaplan Founder of SeePolitical, and Hunter Scarborough of Voter. 2016 Presidential Candidates Darrell Castle and Roque De La Fuente also weighed in on election reform.
The Alternative Voting Methods Panel included Frank Atwood of Approval Voting, Aaron Hamlin – Executive Director of The Center for Election Science, and President & CEO of FairVote – Robert Richie.
The Voting Methods Panel included Harvie Branscomb of ElectionQuality.com, Adam Kaleb Ernest Co-Founder & CEO of Follow My Vote, and Sheron Meroni Founder & Director of Defend The Vote.
The final segment, The Ballot Access/Election Reform Panel consisted of Free & Equal Elections Foundation Founder Christina Tobin, Harvie Branscomb of ElectionQuality.com, Frank Atwood of Approval Voting, and Richard Winger of Ballot Access News.