2015 Annual Electoral Reform Symposium


The 2015 annual Electoral Reform Symposium was a day for intellectuals and experts of the political realm to share, debate, and offer reforms to the flawed United States political system.
Guest speakers included Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, 2012 Libertarian Vice President Candidate & Superior Court Judge Judge Jim Gray (ret.), 2012 and presumptive 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein, and Aaron Estevez-Miller, Co-Founder, #StudentVoicesCount; all offering their wisdom and insight on electoral reforms and how best to open the Presidential debates.
Free and Equal’s founder Christina Tobin moderated an Alternative Voting Methods Panel along with Matt Crane, Clerk and Recorder of Arapahoe County. Alternative Voting Methods were addressed by Aaron Hamlin (of Center for Election Science) discussing approval voting, and Rob Richie (of Fair Vote) discussing instant runoff voting and proportional representation.
The main debate stage featured an Electoral Reform Panel, composed of Harvie Branscomb and Marilyn Marks (both of Election Integrity), Sharon Meroni (of Defend the Vote), Nate Kaplan (of See Political), and Richard Winger (of Ballot Access News), all discussing the issues of reforming the electoral college system, campaign finance, gerrymandering, the flawed voting systems in the US, electronic voting machines, and ballot access for political parties.
Additional event sponsors included Marley Coffee, Tea Zen, Hearthstone Winery, Nature’s Path Organic Foods, and Dr. Bronner’s.