2016 United We Stand Festival

Ky-Mani Marley Performs with the Flobots at 2016 United We Stand Festival

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation hosted The 2016 United We Stand Festival featuring The People’s Presidential Debate at University of Colorado Boulder’s Macky Auditorium.


Speakers included Kweku Mandela – grandson of the famous Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela, Brer Rabbit of Flobots, Jonny 5 of Flobots, Colorado US Senate Candidates Libertarian Lily Tang Williams and Green Party Arn Menconi, and Former Attorney General Mr. Ramsey Clark.


Performing artists included Kymani Marley, Flobots, PE 2.0 “The Next Generation of Public Enemy”, Kaisi Berick of The Siren, Aaron Ableman, DJ Cavem and Alkemia Earth, Eddie Keaton of Freedom Movement, Gordon Turrisi of Watcher Moon, Hani Naser, Jill Knight, Jon Nash of “Beautify our Lives”, Raye Zaragoza, Samuel J, Spragga Benz, Tom Neilson, Xiuhtezcatl of Earth Guardians, and The “One Note Stand Acapella” at University of Colorado performed The National Anthem prior to the Presidential Debate.


The event also featured messages from electoral reform experts Adam Kaleb Ernest of Follow My Vote, Hunter Scarborough of Voter App, Frank Atwood of Approval Voting and Nicolas Guillermo of RIPAC.


2016 United We Stand Festival sponsors included Dr. Bronner’s, Collective Evolution, Follow My Vote, Green Party of CO., Hearthstone Winery, ISideWith.com, Marley Coffee, Voter, HeadCount, and The Libertarian Party of CO.