2012 Annual Electoral Reform Symposium

Free & Equal hosted the 2012 Electoral Reform Symposium in partnership with the Cato Institute, a public policy research organization dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace. A forum was held at the Cato headquarters in Washington DC. Panelists included:
Theresa Amato – Founder of the Citizen Advocacy Center, Executive Director of Citizen Works, Author of “Grand Illusion, The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny”
John Samples – Director of The Center for Representative Government, Vice President of the Cato Institute
Hans von Spakovsky – Attorney and a former member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative, and a senior legal fellow in Heritage’s Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies
James Bennett – Eminent Scholar at George Mason University, holder of the William P. Snavely Chair of Political Economy and Public Policy in the Department of Economics, Director of the John M. Olin Institute for Employment Practice and Policy, founder and editor of the Journal of Labor Research, author of “Not Invited to the Party: How the Demopublicans Have Rigged the System and Left Independents Out in the Cold”
Free & Equal was honored to have in attendance, participating in the discussion:
Ralph Nader – Activist, author, lawyer, and former presidential candidate, founder of Center for Study of Responsive Law, the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), the Center for Auto Safety, Public Citizen, Clean Water Action Project, the Disability Rights Center, the Pension Rights Center, the Project for Corporate Responsibility & more
Bill Redpath – Former Chairman, Treasurer and At-Large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee, and past Chairman of the Virginia Libertarian State Committee