Free And Equal Presents Crypto 101 & Blockchain Voting At POLITICON

The blockchain is here whether you like it or not. And for many, the question isn’t whether its technology is as transformative as the Internet, but if it’s bigger. It’s already changing our lives, our economy, our politics, and making some of us wildly wealthy.

You may watch our panel below moderated by our Founder Christina Tobin including panelists Rayne Steinberg (CEO and Co-Founder of Arca), Joël Valenzuela (news editor & public outreach director for Dash Force), Xeni Jardin (co-editor and partner at Boing Boing) & Sterlin Lujan (Communications Ambassador for as they share their inside look at the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Free And Equal will launch its Blockchain Voting Election Assistant App during our 2019 United We Stand Tour.