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Free and Equal Election Foundation’s mission is to broaden our electoral choices through education and direct positive action.
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Created in Los Angeles, CA, with a purpose to unite the top conscious minds, activists, celebrities, civil rights leaders, musicians, native Americans, speakers, authors, and other cultural leaders to discuss and celebrate political solutions.



We’re developing our Election Assistant App
to assist and inform voters of ALL their candidate
choices and valuable candidate data to help you
make conscious voting decisions … not just
from two parties.


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Top Actions & Solutions

For Free and Equal Elections

  • Build an Independent Candidates Movement
  • Raise Political Consciousness through Education
  • Promote Cultural Change through Arts & Music
  • Get Money Out of Politics – Repeal Citizens United
  • Encourage Open Debates
  • Register to Vote
  • Encourage Voting Day as a Holiday
  • Support Campaign Finance Reform
  • Support Alternative Voting Methods
  • Discuss New Block Chain, Encrypted, Online Voting Solutions
  • Reform the Electoral College Voting System
  • Eliminate the Super Delegate Voting System
  • Support Shorter Presidential Election Cycle
  • Eliminate Restrictive Ballot Access Barriers
  • Support Open Primaries
  • Eliminate Gerrymandering
  • Encourage Open Elections through Proportional Representation
  • Support Independent Media
  • Get Involved & Support Local Elections