2016 United We Stand Festival Photos

Created in Los Angeles, CA, with a purpose to unite the top conscious minds, activists, celebrities, civil rights leaders, musicians, native Americans, speakers, authors, and other cultural leaders to discuss and celebrate political solutions. This momentum will help inspire people to run for office targeting the Congressional races in 2017.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization, we work to give all ballot-qualified local and presidential candidates the opportunity to debate important political issues in public forums.

Free and Equal Elections Foundation was founded in 2008 by Christina Tobin, an American activist and leader in the election reform and voters’ rights movements.

Photography Credit: Alan M. Poulin

Alan’s Facebook 

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We’re developing our Election Assistant App to assist and inform voters of ALL their candidate choices and valuable candidate data to help you
make conscious voting decisions … not just from two parties.

Coming in 2017

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