October 17, 2019


President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500


Subject: Commutation of sentence for Ross Ulbricht

Dear President Trump,

On behalf of Free & Equal Elections Foundation, I write this letter in support of Ross Ulbricht who is currently serving his seventh year of an overly harsh double life sentence plus forty years without parole for all nonviolent counts. It is an unfair and cruel punishment that needs to be corrected. Justice was not served.

Like many others, I believe that Ross Ulbricht deserves mercy. Our community does not need

protection from him. He has served his time and his debt to society has been paid. In this case, a life sentence without parole won’t accomplish anything, except ruin the life of this young man, and that of all those love him.

Repentant for the mistakes he made when he was younger, and yearning for a second chance, Ross Ulbricht needs your help. Free & Equal Elections Foundation stands with this nonviolent, first-time offender and the massive number of supporters who are outraged by his harsh sentence and eager to have him home with his family, making a positive difference in the free world.

Friends and loved ones of those imprisoned are so grateful to you for helping with the

implementation of the First Step Act legislation, your clemency efforts with those who have been

given overly harsh sentences, and your commitment to providing second chances to incarcerated individuals.

Please consider Ross Ulbricht as your next clemency recipient.



Christina Tobin


Christina Tobin, Founder & Chair

Free & Equal Elections Foundation

(312) 320-4101 |