TJ Kosin – Web Coordinator


I am a dedicated and passionate campaign staff member committed to advancing the cause of Libertarian candidates. With a strong background in web development, I have tirelessly volunteered my time to assist Libertarian candidates in creating professional websites through the Run as a Libertarian platform, in collaboration with the Mises Caucus.


In addition to my tech contributions, I serve as the secretary of the LP National Candidate Support Committee, where I play a crucial role in supporting and nurturing Libertarian candidates across the nation. 


Prior to my involvement in politics, I served as a firefighter and EMT, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to public service. Building upon my experiences, I also founded, a platform dedicated to providing high-quality merchandise for libertarians, further contributing to the movement.


My passion for social justice extends beyond the political sphere. Alongside my wife, I actively advocate for impoverished children by organizing the annual Kidsfest event in Bucks County, PA. Through this initiative, we work tirelessly to ensure that underprivileged children have access to essential necessities, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.


With my diverse skill set, unwavering dedication, and compassionate approach to social issues, I strive to create positive change and foster a society rooted in liberty and justice.