United We Stand Program 1:00-6:00 PM
1:00Opening Program
1:40 Opening PrayerDoug Red Hail Pineda
1:50Co-Host SpeakerChristopher Life
2:10PanelUnited Independent Movement
2:40PanelIndependent Movement Media / Narrative
3:25Co-Host SpeakerBryan Talebi
4:00PanelTechnology for Our Independent Future
4:40Keynote SpeakerRobert F. Kennedy Jr.
5:10Host SpeakerChristina Tobin
5:30Song SetAndy Babb & Lara Elle
5:55Closing PrayerJon Nash

Ahura AI to Co-host United We Stand Kick-off During SXSW 

Keynote by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



Free and Equal Elections Foundation founder Christina Tobin will kick off the 2022 United We Stand Tour with its first event live in Austin during SXSW. The Tour series is Co-Hosted by Ahura AI and Independent National Union.


Free & Equal Election’s United We Stand Tour is an annual nationwide tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage local civic participation and inspire people to run for office.


Along with living performances and speeches from world-renowned artists and leaders, Christina will give an overview of the foundation’s mission, and how those goals are being met.


She will provide details about all stops on the 2022 United We Stand Tour, including the final stop at the Independent National Convention this Fall.



1pm – 6:00pm CST on March 14, 2022

Arrive 12:30pm



The Venue – ATX

516 E. 6th Street

Austin, TX



Robert F. Kennedy Jr (KEYNOTE)

Bryan Talebi, CEO and Co-Founder of Ahura AI (CO-HOST)


The United We Stand Tour is an ongoing event series designed to keep building a National United Independent Movement through presentations that catalyze critical messages, inspire music and art, and produce truly movement-building workshops.


LIVE-STREAM     www.freeandequal.org




Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (KEYNOTE)

Environmental Lawyer, Founder of Children's Health Defense, Founder of Waterkeeper Alliance, New York Times best-selling author
talebi new

Bryan Talebi (CO-HOST)

CEO and Co-Founder of Ahura AI, an innovative AI leader who has developed a powerful platform that fosters true learning and skills knowledge, to positively impact the lives of companies and their workforces worldwide.

Christina Tobin

Founder of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation
Chris Life

Christopher Life

Founder of Independent National Union, Executive Producer of INC
sean stone

Sean Stone

Author, Filmmaker, Media Host of Watching the Hawks on RT America and Buzzsaw

Amelia Powers Gardner

As Utah County Clerk, Amelia ran the first Ranked Choice Voting election in Utah and the first in the nation to use Blockchain voting for people with disabilities.

Colin Cantrell

Founder of Nexus Earth, a next-generation blockchain technology that is re-building the internet from the ground up.

Brittany Kaiser

Co-Founder, Own Your Own Data
Doug Red Tail Pineda

Doug Red Hail Pineda

Frontline Activist, Freedom Fighter, Award Winning Author of “Think Indigenous ~ Native American Spirituality for a Modern World”, Co-Founder of Spirit Horse Nation
Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 4.36.11 PM

Brian Christensen

Founder of Blockcities, VIrtual Earth for Upgrading the Physical World.
Jon Nash

Jon Nash

Founder of the Natural Leaders Foundation, Filmmaker, Tribal Council Children's Ambassador Diplomat of the Yamassee Nation

Karla Ballard

2020 Independent Candidate for Vice President of the US, Founder and CEO of YING

DJ Eva

DJ Academy Certified DJ, Entertainment Industry Professional
Andy Babb & Lara Elle

Andy Babb & Lara Elle

Denver, CO based Acoustic Folk Duo
Josiah Helland

Josiah Helland

Traditional Indigenous Flute Player, Yaqui/Purépecha