2019 UWS Freedom Rising

Free & Equal Founder Christina Tobin & Freedom Rising Founder Tarah Green

Freedom Rising Convergence


Freedom Rising Convergence took place in Dexter OR, and was a stop on Free & Equal’s 2019 United We Stand Tour.


Centered around permaculture, cryptocurrency, health, and tools of self-gnosis to free oneself and cultivate abundance in harmony with Nature, Freedom Rising is the gathering to attend for anyone looking to network with like-minded souls and cultivate practical solutions to overcome what’s holding us back from ascending into the new earth paradigm.


Performing artists included DUBTONIC KRU, Katie Sontag Music, Jacob Sandoval, Karly Lovling, and Josiah Helland.   Speakers included Kenny Palurintano, Matt Landman, Spencer Feldman, Kristen Sofia Valentina, Jessica Acheson, Simon Seeband, Raymond D. Powell, Krysty Keith, Thomas Price, Mike Brunt, Christina Tobin, and Jake Cox.


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