Free & Equal’s Endorsements

Check out who supports the Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s mission to open up our debates!

We deserve a system where third parties can compete, and Democrats and Republicans are held to their platforms and rhetoric. I am impressed by the work of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and commend them for their leadership on this issue.

– Dr. Ron Paul

Please peruse what Free and Equal is doing around the country to shatter the chains that stifle competitive elections and agendas. Please give them a lift and the fuel to sustain their knowledgeable drive to make our elections Free and Equal!

– Ralph Nader

As legitimate candidates, we were denied by the Commission on Presidential Debates the chance to participate in their discussion. I was grateful to Free and Equal for hosting open presidential debates in the 2012 election, for allowing myself and 3 other candidates the chance to take part in the national discussion. I had the honor and privilege to take part in Free and Equal’s United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles on May 10, 2014. I support Free and Equal’s efforts and hope you will as well.

– Dr. Jill Stein