Christina Tobin Interviews Legendary Musician Moby

Christina Tobin, founder and chair of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation interviewed music legend Richard Hall, better known by his alias: Moby. Moby has sold over 20 million albums worldwide throughout his career and truly embodies the concept of using music to empower the people. Moby’s intellect and consciousness have made him a vocal representative of reform throughout many facets of government and society at large.


During the interview, Moby dives into many important issues affecting modern American society, including GMO labeling, legalization of marijuana, prison reform, transparency in government, corruption in the music industry, equality, money in politics, and voting reform.


“The truth is always a good thing, transparency is always a good thing. Suppressing the truth only benefits a corrupt status quo.”

– Moby


The interview finished up with an invitation by Christina Tobin for Moby to perform at the 2015 United We Stand Festival, tentatively scheduled for September 12th in Colorado. This festival, hosted by Free and Equal, will bring like-minded individuals such as Moby together in support of an educational experience for electoral and social reform; uniting humanity on the common grounds of liberty regardless of political persuasion.


Free & Equal Elections Foundation is an election reform organization dedicated to the idea that all citizens should enjoy an equal share of the rights and responsibilities of our nation’s governance. We strive to create a system in which all citizens are equal in their ability to participate.