2020 United We Stand

Free and Equal Elections Foundation founder Christina Tobin gives a speech at beautiful Thrive Fest Hawaii 2020, a festival which encourages us all to thrive through celebration of community through music, art, and agriculture.
Thrive (verb) – To grow vigorously, to flourish.
There is no better place than Hawaii to feel this in action.
Thrive Hawaii is a stop on F&E’s United We Stand Tour:
An annual nationwide tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage local civics participation and inspire people to run for office.
Christina gives an overview of the foundation’s mission, and how those goals are being met. She provides details about all stops on the 2019-2020 United We Stand Tour, including the final stop in Chicago, IL on March 4th for the Open Presidential Debate.
This is a truly open date, representing a diverse variety of political parties BEYOND the top two, giving the people more choices so that they may be more accurately represented.
For a complete list of participants in F&E’s Open Presidential Debate 2020, event details & for ticket information please visit our web site or event page:
To learn more about Thrive Hawaii:
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