2019 UWS Knead Peace

Free & Equal Founder Christina Tobin, Knead Peace Founder Jeannie Nipp, & UWS Artist Tarah Green at Independent Minds 2019



Independent Minds at Knead Peace took place in Belton, TX, and was the second stop on Free & Equal’s 2019 United We Stand Tour.


The three-day event featured socially conscious live music, a community fireworks display, holistic healing workshops, and engaging speakers on world solutions. The event was organized to support veterans by using proceeds to help build Knead Peace.


Performing artists included Josiah Helland, Tarah Green, Rylee Hearn, Madstone, Corey Ipok, Roger Mort, Cedar Branches, Charles Edward Ott, 80 Proof Eddie, Blue Stutes, Martian Folk, Grace Lawhorn, Mckenzie Reeve, Terra Living, Carrie Ahr, & More.


Knead peace is a wooded wonderland in Belton, TX dedicated to manifesting holistic health through alternative therapies, peace in nature, live music, and the spread of unconditional love.


Beginning as the personal homestead of a licensed massage professional with passions rooted in healing PTSD in the local and veteran community, Knead Peace evolved to become a peace-filled retreat and cultural hub for musicians and music lovers in the Central TX area.


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