2018 UWS in Texas

Free & Equal Founder Christina Tobin gives a speech dedicated to Amelia Boynton Robinson at the 2018 United We Stand Festival



The 2018 United We Stand Festival took place at The Reed Arena in College Station, TX. The event was Co-Hosted by Nexus Earth, and featured a mix of conscious musicians and thought leaders.


The goal was to continue the creation of a solution-based movement, awakening political and cultural change. All proceeds went towards Hurricane Harvey relief.


Jon Nash of Beautify Our Lives offered an opening prayer. Performing artists included The Schiller Institute Community Choir, Kesha Rogers, Charles Edward Ott, Hinojosa Trio, Maverick Taylor as seen on Fox TV’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, Kaisi Berick, Chazz Sutton & Apolla Asteria of The Siren, and I-taweh.


Speakers included Kesha Rogers, Christina Tobin of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, Jeff Berwick Founder of The Dollar Vigilante, Sterlin Luxan Bitcoin.com Communications Ambassador, Richard Gage Founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Max Borders Founder of Social Evolution, Colin Pape Founder of Presearch, Peter Joseph Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement and Author of “The New Human Rights Movement”, Kimberley J Abels of HeadCount, Tony Copeland Jazz Musician & Representing U.S. Veterans in Houston & Beyond, Keith Mitchell of The Light It Up Foundation, and Colin Cantrell Founder of Nexus Earth.


The event featured an Independent Media Panel which included Luke Z Rudkowski of We Are Change, Nick Bernabe of The Anti-Media, and Ernest Hancock of Declare Your Independence.


Sponsors of the 2018 United We Stand Festival included Presearch, Bitcoin, Dr. Bronner’s, Social Evolution, Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity, The Dollar Vigilante, Knead Peace, HeadCount, iloverocks.com, Collective Evolution, The Mind Unleashed, The Anti-Media and We Are Change.